Callippe silverspot butterfly viola pedunculata

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Callippe silverspot butterfly

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Federally Listed, Proposed, and Candidate Species with Potential to Occur in the Strawberry Canyon Vicinity A-6 Scientific Name Common Name Federal Status Preferred Habitat Likelihood of Occurrence Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon E Pacific Ocean, spawns in coastal streams and rivers, over gravel beds.

The Callippe Silverspot is a butterfly with varying colors of black, orange, tan, and brown on top of its 4 - Callippe Silverspot Butterfly (Viola Pedunculata) Essay introduction. 5cm wingspan. What distinguishes this butterfly from others, and gives it its name are the spots of silver scales on the bottom of the wings (U.

C. Berkley, ). (Viola pedunculata) and muilla (Muilla maritima), are found in the central portion of the park because it is one of the larval host plants for the San Francisco silverspot butterfly (Speyeria callippe callippe), a federally endangered species. The fifth species, western choke cherry (Prunus.

endangered Callippe si}verspot due to documented butterfly observations, the abundance of the host plant golden violet (Viola pedunculata), and the parcel's proximity to the ridgeline, Callippe silverspot is a hilltopping Species which means that the butterflies congregate on hilltops and ridges in order to mate.

Callippe silverspot butterfly viola pedunculata
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