Résumé and Cover Letters

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Three excellent cover letter examples

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A cover letter is a standard business letter that serves as an introduction to your résumé and as a tool to market you to employers. A cover letter may accompany résumés you submit to employers during the job search process but is not necessary to distribute at career fairs or other networking events.

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Some baggers in stores will do this unless the customer refuses. Totally free and the best cover letters and resumes samples, job descriptions, how-to articles and career related content. A resume is a succinct outline of your education, experience, activities, accomplishments and skills as they pertain to your employment goals.

Employers may spend only 30 seconds scanning a resume to determine whether your background. Download a Cover Letter Writing Guide which includes sample letters (PDF format).

Create a typed draft of your letter. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor in the Career Center to have your cover letter critiqued by visiting our Appointment Scheduling Page.


A properly constructed resume and cover letter is one such tool. Over the years, there have been many types of resumes proposed to match the expectations of .

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