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Delhi, the Crime Capital of India

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InKerala reported the highest cognisable crime rate of among States of India, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have accounted for %, % and % respectively of the total IPC crimes reported from 35 mega cities.

New Delhi’s largest concern of crime toward foreigners continues to be the verbal and physical harassment of women. A handful of U.S.

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citizens reported incidents of verbal and physical harassment to the Embassy’s American Citizen Services. About us. Welcome to NAAC Accredited & ISO & Certified Fairfield Institute Of Management & Technology (FIMT), New Delhi, established by "The Fairfield Group of Institutions", backed by legacy of 42 years of shaping students career in the country!

H.B. Clean Water Fair Pricing Act.

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The Ohio House of Representatives currently has a bill to consider that would regulate fair pricing for municipal. Now you can issue Online Police Clearance Certificate on Delhi Police Website. Visit for Complete Details, Delhi Police, Online Helpline. Delhi is the national capital, but the law and order is not the best in the world.

In fact it is abysmally poor, with day light murders and rapes a frequent occurrence.

Crime in delhi
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