Effects of typhoon

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2014 Pacific typhoon season

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Haiphong cyclone

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We've taken the liberty of trying to. The effects of the Pacific typhoon season in the Philippines were considered some of the worst in decades. Throughout the year, series of typhoons impacted the country, with the worst damage occurring during September and October from Typhoons Ketsana and Parma.

Tertiary effects are long-term effects that usually affect the people in a specific area for a long time. An example of a tertiary effect is the economics impact that the storm have for the government. A typhoon is a destructive type of tropical storm. The damage that a typhoon causes varies depending on its intensity.

Severe typhoons will cause heavy rainfall, flooding, and strong winds and can lead to severe destruction and thousands of deaths. The effects of a typhoon I experienced typhoon season when on honeymoon in the Philippines.

Effects of typhoon
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The Effects of Typhoons | Sciencing