Graphics coursework specification

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AQA GCSE Graphics - moderated down by two grades - any advice?

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Edexcel design and technology coursework examples

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How to Write a Graphics Coursework

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GCSE Design and Technology: Graphic Products for certification from June onwards (version ). Our Edexcel A level Product Design specification offers two pathways – Resistant Materials Technology and Graphic Products – each providing its own specific content.

Product Design encompasses a wide range of design disciplines but is firmly rooted in the skills required to design and make high quality products. COMPUTER SPECIFICATIONS OVERVIEW PLTW curricula utilize powerful, industry-based software.

Aqa Graphic Products Coursework Grade Boundaries

Ensure computer hardware meet sor exceed the Specification Minimum Recommended (but not required) capable graphics card or higher supporting x screen resolution*. Gcse Graphics Coursework GCSE Design and Technology – Graphics Guide to Controlled Controlled assessment in GCSE Design and Technology: Graphics.

7 one of the published themes as a starting point for this coursework unit. Advanced graphics and animation; Computer models and simulations; Creating digital graphics. Coursework which is internally assessed and externally moderated.

25% of the final grade. Data response questions covering all of the specification content. % of qualification. All students follow the Edexcel two year course in Product Design (Graphics).

The course comprises 4 units, with a 50% coursework and 50% final exam content each year.

Graphics coursework specification
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