Nordstrom employee issues

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Nordstrom Layoffs

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Nordstrom Corporate Office

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Nordstrom Rack Reviews and Complaints

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The terms of the Nordstrom Rewards. Nordstrom was well-known in American corporate circles for its commitment to diversity. The company not only made a conscious effort to recruit a diverse workforce, but it also extended its diversity initiative to outsiders who were associated with the company, through its third party diversity initiatives.

This case discusses Nordstrom's diversity initiatives. The employees complained to Nordstrom about the harassment, but the harassment did not stop.

The alteration’s manager retaliated against those who complained by continuing the racially offensive comments, unfairly berating employees and citing them for alleged performance problems. Nordstrom used to have outstanding customer service but with supervisors like Shalonda Being rude and nasty to customers I think the level of customer service that Nordstrom's now gives is The /5(66).

InNordstrom “serves customers in 38 states with full-line stores in the United States and one in Canada, Nordstrom Rack show more content This allows individual employee to grow within the company, depending on how much they put into their job.

Nordstrom has also had a major security redoakpta.comee and former employee information has been security numbers bank account info and outside contractor the obtained the sensitive information has been redoakpta.comrom.

Nordstrom employee issues
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