Real time business intelligence at continental

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Continental Airlines’ investment in real-time business intelligence software helped them increase their revenue by over $ million dollars.

The minute-by-minute data tracking that Continental Airlines uses has helped them in a number of initiatives, from knowing when, and how to change fares (an initiative that netted around $10 million.

Continental developed an artificial intelligence program that can detect pedestrians and cyclists. Seen here is a preview of the system shown to the global trucking trade press this week in.

Management Of Technology And Innovation: Case Study -Real Time Business Intelligence At Continental Airlines. /Information Systems.

Case Study II Key words: Business Intelligence, business decision-making, analytics, memory, such as continental Airlines, have seen investment in BI generate increase in revenue and cost saving transforming and transfering data for subsequent analytics in real time. Sep 14,  · Real-time business intelligence relies on a set of Enterprise Application Integration and Enterprise Information Integration technologies.

Business Intelligence Essay

Two examples of real-time business intelligence that are commonly reported on are Continental Airlines and Harrah’s.

Real time business intelligence at continental
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