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Mondavi Shareholders Approve Constellation Buyout

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How the Mondavis Lost an Empire

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Mondavi to Join Constellation in $1 Billion Deal

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Robert Mondavi Corp.: Caliterra (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Robert Mondavi Corporation

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Bythe topics faced a death: Quality declined, followed shortly thereafter by sales. Apr 01,  · The remaining corporation would retain Mondavi's two blockbuster brands: the Woodbridge and Robert Mondavi Private Selection labels, which sell table wines in retail chains and supermarkets.

The Robert Mondavi Corporation produces and sells table wine. Its brands include Robert Mondavi Winery, Robert Mondavi Private Selection, and Woodbridge. The company sells its wine through retail Location: Latour Court Napa, CA United States. Some might consider it the end of an era, but this morning, in a San Francisco hotel meeting room, things went strictly by the numbers as Robert Mondavi Corp.

shareholders accepted a $billion cash buyout from drinks giant Constellation Brands. Robert Mondavi Corp. has agreed to be acquired by beverage giant Constellation Brands in a $billion cash deal, ending a plan to split up one of California's most famous wine companies. Mondavi Corp. was founded by Robert Mondavi and his eldest son Michael ina time when Napa was best known as the home of what was then the Napa County Sanitarium.

Discover Robert Mondavi wines. From our Napa Valley series, to our Oakville District seires, to our award-winning Reserve wines, you will always find the perfect wine for your cellar.

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