Velaric glottalic pulmonic airstream mechanisms

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airstream mechanisms

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Airstream Mechanisms

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Although these are mostly Character languages e. AIRSTREAM MECHANISMS Ingressive and egressive pulmonic airstream As we have seen, speech results from the displacement of air through the airways (trachea, larynx, pharynx) and the mouth and nose cavities.

The air that is used for speech is referred to as an airstream. Ingressive glottalic airstream mechanism. b. Egressive velaric airstream mechanism.

c. Egressive pulmonic airstream mechanism. d.

Airstream mechanism

Egressive glottalic airstream mechanism. 2. Give at least three examples of click sounds. 3. Which sound do the following places of articulation produce?

Pulmonic airstream mechanism

Let’s now consider how the vocal tract is used to make speech sounds. Firstly we need airflow; some mechanism to cause molecules of air to vibrate and so generate soundwaves. Does articulatory reduction miss more patterns than it accounts for? Article in Journal of the International Phonetic Association 31(01) - 39 · June with 6 Reads DOI: Initiation is a function of the airstream mechanism and the direction of air ow.

The airstream may be either pulmonic, glottalic,orvelaric. The pulmonic airstream is the airstream is called velaric. For any of these three initiation airstreams, the air may move outward, in which case it is called egressive. Airstream mechanisms and phonation types.

Airstream Mechanisms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Egressive pulmonic The ǃXóõ language of Botswana has a series of nasalized click consonants in which the nasal airstream is pulmonic ingressive. Implosive (=glottalic ingressive) Click (=velaric ingressive).

Velaric glottalic pulmonic airstream mechanisms
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